Buddhist Action Month 2016

Green Actions

On Sat, 11 June, 2016 - 18:45
Utpaladhi's picture

What small/easy green actions can we suggest for someone just starting out thinking environmentally?

Here’s my suggestions, based on the things I’ve done recently that I’ve found very rewarding:

*switching to green electricity
*buying a bamboo toothbrush
*taking a reusable bag shopping
*taking trains/buses/cycling more often…
*buying secondhand clothes
*using public library
*using a mooncup

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Vajracaksu's picture

Great suggestions…..but what’s a mooncup?!?!


Utpaladhi's picture

It’s an alternative to tampons/sanitary towels!

Vajracaksu's picture

Oh! Never would have guessed in a million years! :)

Vajracaksu's picture

I thought it might have been related to a moonmat somehow!!!!!