Buddhist Action Month 2016


On Thu, 19 May, 2016 - 14:46
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1.Buddhist Action Month Eastbourne, Sussex UK

 We have started early in Eastbourne: May through early September, with beach recycling patrols, for early birds on Sunday & Monday mornings, all welcome. Followed by Beach meditation at 7.30am: Holwell.

 Designed to rescue recyclables before  the municipal cleaners dispose of all materials as landfill/ incineration.

 More volunteers needed for Saturdays and some weekends.

Details  Dharmavandana  dh.dharmavandana [at] goooglemail.com

2.                             Sangha Family Event: Kindness

- speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes

OPEN to all: those with children of any age, grandchildren, nieces and nephews  or anyone who would enjoy such an event)Sunday 22nd May 2016 1300-1500  (come at 1230 with lunch if you wish) Venue- Deerfold Centre, 233 Seaside BN22 7NR  £2 per child

3.                                      Connecting with Action
Friday 3rd June 7-9 pm

A short workshop with Dharmavandana exploring how to reconnect with and support our individual  responses without feeling helpless or overwhelmed in the face of the world’s difficulties such as climate change and human rights abuses. 
Workshop is free to everyone
Please contact Dharmavandana at: dh.dharmavandana [at] goooglemail.com
More events to be posted : Solstice event & a ‘ Peace ‘ picnic

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Christine's picture

Great program, well done Eastbourne! We have included these on the cross-traditional Facebook page for BAM! 2016, so please use these to promote your events!! This FB page is meant to serve as a central forum, so the more action that occurs there, the more buzz this creates! 

Note, also, that I’m happy to make anyone a ‘host’ of these events; just ‘Friend’ me and I’ll set it up asap. My FB name is Stina Verbena, and I have “Liked” most of the events on this page, to make it easy to find me.

With metta and virya, Christine (aka Stina Verbena on Facebook)