Buddhist Action month - June 2014

Climate Week is 3-9 March

On Thu, 6 February, 2014 - 16:20
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You may be interested in details of UK Climate Week, five weeks away.

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Hello all,
Just want to tell some like-minded Buddhists that I have just been accepted to spend three days doing a three-day training course with Al Gore as part of his Climate Leadership Corps. Twice a year he holds these training events on how to communicate about this issue effectively. One of this year’s two training events is here in Melbourne running from June 25th to 27th. I am over the moon.

It’s a free course. I get to train with both Al Gore and an expert in climate communications. There will be trainees there from all over the world. More information here:


With metta,
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Sadhu, Tejopala!
Would be great if you’d write something about that (one piece now, and one piece afterwards?) - about 350 words with a picture or two - for Triratna News and send it to me at news [at] thebuddhistcentre.com. (Best to use this email to continue this conversation rather than continuing here and cluttering up others’ inboxes with notifications!

Metta, Munisha