Buddhist Action Month 2016

Candlelight vigil for victims of Orlando massacre

On Wed, 15 June, 2016 - 14:07
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Many Triratna sangha members attended the Portsmouth, NH candlelight vigil last night honoring the people killed in the Orlando massacre. Mitra Deb Howard, a member of Moms Demand Action (on gun reform laws) spoke at the vigil. Also shown in the photos are Tanya Hakala, Mike Mappes, and Harshal Dofe. 

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mokshini's picture

Thank for posting this and I was moved and grateful that you took part in the Portsmouth vigil. I believe it was Martin Luther King Jn who said “Our lives begin to end if we stay silent about things that matter”; so thank you for speaking out ‘on things that matter’. More and more I feel personally this is part of what’s included in the speech precepts, and not speaking the truth on things that matter is an ethical issue…..  

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Thank you for posting, and for supporting speaking out.