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Buddhist Action Month at Ecodharma: Empowering Renewal for Social Action

On Wed, 3 June, 2015 - 10:53
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Alex Swain

During Buddhist Action Month, Ecodharma will host a group of campaigners and activists, present to participate on their course Sustaining Resistance: Empowering Renewal. Activists from 4 continents will descend upon the centre, to spend two weeks with members of the ecodharma team, focused on the inner tools and nourishment necessary to sustain their work as social change makers.

Sustaining Resistance is a key strand in the work at Ecodharma, taking essential tools and wisdom from the Dharma and weaving them into a secular context which will support individuals and networks to stay engaged and active for social good. It looks at themes such as personal and collective identity, emotional resilience, burnout, connection and relationship as essential building blocks in healthy and sustainable cultures of compassionate resistance.

Alex who lives and works at Ecodharma will be facilitating on the course for the third time in June. She says,

“For me, this is one of the most important strands of the work we do here. Just the basic and simple step of teaching activists to meditate and get in touch with their bodies, turn towards their experience a little more fully, feels like such an important one. The potential for internalized rage, cynicism, disconnection and emotional and physical burnout is huge for people doing such important and challenging kinds of work. It is fantastic to be able to support non-buddhists with the gifts and wisdom of the Dharma and watch how it assists and transforms them.”

For more information on Ecodharma and their Sustaining Resistance work, visit:

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This is so awesome, sadhus for Ecodharma!!