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Buddhist Action Month 2015: Your world needs you!

On Mon, 6 April, 2015 - 16:01
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Hi from the BAM team!
It’s less than two months to go to Buddhist Action Month 2015 so it’s time to turn our thoughts to what we may choose to do during June - either at our local Triratna centre or individually - and raise awareness of how we can affect and change our world in a positive way. 

We’ll be posting lots of ideas and resources on these pages over the coming weeks to help you run and event wherever you are. 

BAM communications: acting locally, communicating globally
An important element in BAM is communicating what’s happening across Triratna as a whole, so that everyone learns from what you’re doing locally. Your sangha is one potent little hub of activity in the marvellous worldwide network of relationships, actions and consequences that is Triratna.

Please use this page to share what you’re thinking, planning, and doing around BAM 2015. Report on your progress before, during and after your event - your ideas and learning may well inspire others!

If you’d like to take part in BAM and share what’s going on in your local community in this space, please mokshini [at] (get in touch)! We’ll be glad to help you get started…

Buddhist Action Month (BAM) is a festival of Buddhist social action held across Britain every June. Conceived by the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK (NBO), in 2015 it will be launched across Europe by the European Buddhist Union, of which Triratna and the NBO are members. 

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