Buddhist Action Month 2016

Bristol Buddhist Centre BAM events

On Fri, 20 May, 2016 - 19:26
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sarah thorne

We have loads of great events on at Bristol Buddhist centre for BAM this year – come and join us!

Our Tuesday Sangha nights at the end of May and through June are themed around BAM:

Tue 24th May – Dayajoti is giving a talk about the ‘21st Century Bodhisattva’.

Tue 31st May – The Decline of Community. Vaddhaka -, the author of ‘The Buddha on Wall Street: What’s wrong with capitalism and what we can do about it’ – will be giving a talk about the importance of community for a meaningful life.

Tues 7th June – My Buddhist Actions. Sangha members Suzanne and Peter will be giving persona talks about practice in their daily lives.

Tue 14th June – Jvalamalani will be talking about international Triratna Bodhisattva actions and activity.

Tue 21st June and Fri 24th June – Sagaravajra is giving talks about the East Devon Forest Garden project.

There are also other special BAM events, including:

Sunday 5th June – Your Money Awakening - Amalavajra is leading a day inviting us to explore our attitudes to money and how we might unearth a greater confidence and freedom in relation to mobilizing money for work that matters.

Sat 18th June – Transforming Self & World – Shantigarbha will lead us in a day exploring our relationship to family, social, political, business, military and environmental practices that don’t reflect our values; reconnecting with our deepest values; envisioning a new world that reflects our values, and creating next steps to bring this new world into reality.

During the month of BAM, there will also be a display at the centre inviting us to explore the theme of sustainable transport and how it relates to our Buddhist practice. And in the afternoon of Sat 25th June, we’ll be cycling, car sharing or getting the bus to Saltford for a riverside picnic together; celebrating sustainable transport, and celebrating our sangha.

See the BAM page on our website for more information:


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Great program, well done Bristol! We have included these on the cross-traditional Facebook page for BAM! 2016, so please use these event formats to promote your events!! If you would like to make anyone a ‘host’ of these events, just let me know and I’ll set that up. With metta and virya, Christine (aka Stina Verbena on Facebook)