Buddhist Action Month 2016

Bristol BAM - Transforming Self and World

On Sun, 19 June, 2016 - 01:02
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sarah thorne

A small group of us shared a very powerful day at the Bristol centre today, looking at how we can open positively to the suffering that we see in the world around us without becoming overwhelmed, and how to engage in transformation of both self and the world and the necessity of this. 

So many thanks to Shantigarba for leading us in such an inspiring and connecting day , and to Valerie, Joy, and Nigel for so openly sharing their hearts and aspirations for a better world.

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The day gave a wonderful opportunity to think about and meet some of the suffering in our world. The process through exercises was beautifully led by Shantigarbha and it felt like we all opened up during the day to the possibility of living in a more connected way. Many thanks to all who took part.