Buddhist Action Month 2016

Bristol BAM: Money Awakening Day

On Sat, 11 June, 2016 - 10:55
Joy's picture
The money awakening day with Amalavajra last weekend was very thought provoking and we had some lively discussions throughout the day. Sharing the details of my personal finances with another person seemed a scary thing to do, but I found it emotionally freeing. We completed a Money Archetype Quiz (Brent Kessel: It’s Not About The Money) which illuminated patterns of behaviour which go very deep into all areas of how I live my life. I could see how certain actions may be useful but also how they may have allowed me to be stuck in wrong views. Looking at ways to be more creative and balancing with the resources I have is a valuable tool. I have shared the quiz with my partner in order to try to help us to communicate better with each other; hopefully leading us both towards greater feelings of abundance and freeing us to be more generous.
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Utpaladhi's picture

This sounds fantastic, Joy! I really like to hear how you’ve shared this with your partner too.. really inspiring x

Joy's picture
Thanks Sarah. Loosening the tight feelings around money and giving from the heart are definitely practices of great importance to me. X