Buddhist Action Month 2016

Birmingham BAM course launches

On Fri, 10 June, 2016 - 08:37
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Birmingham Buddhist Centre are running a 6 week course in their Thursday “Going Deeper” class which is for people who have been coming to the Centre for more than a few months. We have a series of speakers from the Mitra Sangha who will be talking about how they apply their understanding of the Dharma to their work in caring for others. Last night Helen Peckett, a clinical psychologist, spoke very honestly and clearly about her work. She reflected on the challenge to stay connected and mindful - to herself, her colleagues and her clients. Over the next few weeks we will hear from others working in mental health as well and those involved in trade union work, teaching, medicine and dentistry. Throughout, we are asking - what does it mean to be a trainee Bodhisattva in today’s world? 

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Excellent :) Lovely to read.

Greetings from Turkey


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That sounds really interesting and relevant, excellent that your course is exploring that