Buddhist Action Month 2016

The Beauty of Sustainable Transport

On Thu, 2 June, 2016 - 18:38
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sarah thorne

During BAM, we have a display at Bristol Buddhist Centre inviting people to reflect :

Is sustainable transport important to you?
Does your Buddhist practice influence your day to day choices around transport?

We are inviting people to explore how our choices and actions around how we travel affect other people, our environment and planet, other than human beings, and our hearts and minds.

The display explores these themes, including reflections from sangha members on how the theme of sustainable transport relates to their Buddhist practice, and information about travelling more sustainably, including cycling and car sharing.

There is also an invitation to take on a personal sustainable transport action for the month of BAM, and to buddy up with someone else to check in about how this is going during the month.

The display information is shared here - some of it is specific to Bristol, but you may find some of the general reflections around the theme interesting food for thought.

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