Buddhist Action Month 2016

BAM in Sheffield

On Fri, 10 June, 2016 - 10:41
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Buddhist Action Month began for some members of the Sheffield sangha on Sunday May 29, with the day retreat ‘Natural Dharma’ a Work that Reconnects day in a wonderful woodland setting. It was the first proper event hosted by Kuladitya and Cecilie in their woodland (and gorgeous yurt!), which they are slowly but surely restoring from Pine plantation to Oak woodland. Whereas only a few months ago the ground was covered by Bracken and Brambles, now it was dappled with Bluebells, Stichwort, and more delicate Lady Ferns. Well done, to all who helped with this back-breaking work!

Some of the intentions emerging from the day included spending more time in nature; eating at least one meal/ day outdoors; recalling the inspiration gained from observing a busy Wood Ant mound; being less afraid of insects; building more faith in humanity and our capacity to “get it right”.

Many thanks to Kuladitya, Cecilie, Khemasuri and Dhiragita for organising everything and offering us all a very memorable day!

buddhist action month 2016, Sheffield, Earth Metta Sangha, work that reconnects, Oaks Wood

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what a wonderful place to be able to run a day retreat! And especially one on the ‘work that reconnects’. And yes, I like that pledge having at least one meal outside - I could do much more of that - why don’t I?? - I get caught up in ‘not enough time/ I’ll do it another day’ etc - but it si the beauty and connectedness in the everyday that matters …. and adds up