Buddhist Action Month 2016

BAM! at Sheffield Buddhist Centre

On Sat, 14 May, 2016 - 11:21
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Buddhist Action Month (BAM!) at Sheffield Buddhist Centre will feature:
Sun. 29 May: Work that Reconnects > Natural Dharma
Sat 11 June: Film night > BAM! Dharma Film Club
Sat. 18 June: Litter pick afternoon
Sun. 19 June: Day of reflection > Rejoicing in our efforts so far

In addition, our busy sangha night, with the theme “The Way to the Beyond” will reflect BAM throughout the month of June. That’s every Tuesday from 19:30.

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Great, thanks Christine. Sounds good, and best of luck with it.

On another note, how does one post to this group? I was thinking of doing similar to this post and putting up the Dublin Buddhist Centre programme, but I don’t seem to have the permissions to do so. Is this not an open group?

Thanks, Vajrashura.

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Hi Vajrashura, thanks for your reply! Good question about posting, I think that’s a question for Mokshini and/ or Candradasa.. With metta Xxx

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Hi Vajrashura, 

it’s not an open group, but you are already a member, so you should be able to post …. click post  - and then + blog/resource/etc dependng on what you wish to post, and you shold be find? let me know if not …. 

Vajrashura's picture

Hi Mokshini.

Thanks for that. There’s definitely something not right - in other groups I can certainly see the post + blog/resource/… thing, but not in this group for some reason. It must be a permissions things. In that spot I can only see -unfollow.

x Vajrashura


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It’s the same for me, no post bar.

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Hi Jvalamalini.

I’ve emailed support about it now, hopefully it’ll get fixed. I’m pretty sure it’s a permissions setting for the group.


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Hi Mokshini- I’m not sure where and when the TED talks are available. Looking forward to seeing them all and checking how mine looks!Thanks and Metta Dayasara

email dayasara2012 [at] gmail.com