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BAM in Edinburgh: fundraising for India

On Sun, 7 June, 2015 - 22:13
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BAM’s happening in Edinburgh - we’re raising funds for social and Dhamma work in India and Nepal.  Four of us are here for the whole month, by going out every night knocking on people’s doors and inviting them to support Triratna’s Karuna Trust we hope to raise around £80,000 between us!  That will come in over the next few years from new regular donors, one of Karuna’s strengths is the very loyal relationships it develops with its 7000+ donors who’ve almost all come from door-knocking campaigns such as this one.  It’s early days yet but the Karuna fundraisers’ motto ‘Compassion in Action’ already feels totally appropriate, it’s definitely a personal practice-ground as well, not to mention a team effort.  One thing I love is that our trainer and appeal leader, Sanghanath, grew up in one of the hostels Karuna sponsor in India - and here he is leading us!  Follow our progress on the Karuna Fundraisers Facebook page if you want.  And PS - there’s a second appeal happening over in Glasgow, I’ll leave them to tell their own story… PPS - here’s a photo of us climbing Arthur’s Seat, symbol of the heights we hope to scale…

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