Buddhist Action Month 2016

BAM! comes to Aotearoa/New Zealand

On Wed, 15 June, 2016 - 10:16
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The Auckland Buddhist Centre  launched BAM! in May with talks on:
- why Buddhists feel compelled to get off their cushions to take action on the streets or beaches,
- why your choice of superannuation fund is important to the world, and
- how to minimise your part in the consumption/waste cycle.

In June a group of us helped plant thousands of native trees along a local river while other donated and swapped their ‘old’ technology. A family-friendly gathering will support our younger sangha members to be budding bodhisattvas. Kids can dress up as superheroes or bodhisattvas and are asked to bring something they no longer need which can be given to children with very little. An initiative suggested at our BAM! launch night resulted in the Auckland Buddhist Centre becoming a collection point for warm clothes and shoes for homeless people (it’s winter here!).

To mark the end of BAM! 2016 we’ll be hearing talks on three ‘activists’ with long and deep connections to Triratna: Urgyen Sangharakshita, Dhardo Rimpoche and Dr Ambedkar.

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Hello Vajrajyoti and Auckland Buddhist Centre sangha,

Really lovely to read what you guys have been up to! :) I was particularly happy to read about helping to plant thousands of trees and touched to read about helping homeless people in winter. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu…

Greetings from Istanbul


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Wow, sounds like BAM! is all the rage in New Zealand, what a program! Well done, Aukland sangha! Sadhus!!