Buddhist Action Month 2016

BAM in Bristol

On Fri, 10 June, 2016 - 02:07
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sarah thorne

Buddhist Action Month is well under way here in Bristol. This year our two main themes are sustainable transport and money awakening, whilst also appreciating all we already do to contribute to world change.

We have had two very engaging events in the last week. On Sunday, some of the sangha took part in a Money Awakening day with Amalavajra, exploring our attitues and views about money and how awakening to its reality can help us find a greater confidence and freedom in relation to mobilizing money to serve the good. Jvalamalani says, ‘I appreciated Amalavajra bringing out how crucial the next 50 years are both for our Sangha and for the survival of humanity, how pivotal our work to transform hearts and minds is in that, and how a radical practice of simplicity and generosity is called for.’ You can read more on our webiste here: www.bristol-buddhist-centre.org/your-money-awakening/

On Sangha Night on Tuesday we looked at how we can all participate in influencing the world through our practice. Karunavapi drew out the way that ethical awareness and action is a natural fruit of our practice of meditation and wisdom, as well as how a little more ethical effort can be helpful. We heard from two of our friends about their altruistic practice. Peter talked about the challenge and rewards of his work as Buddhist chaplain, and Suzanne talked about the effect of BAM last year, particularly around her decision to stop eating animal products. We ended by making intentions for Buddhist Action Month this year, and dedicated our intentions while chanting the Tara mantra.

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The money awakening day with Amalavajra last weekend was very thought provoking and we had some lively discussions throughout the day. Sharing the details of my personal finances with another person seemed a scary thing to do, but I found it emotionally freeing. We completed a Money Archetype Quiz (Brent Kessel: It’s Not About The Money) which illuminated patterns of behaviour which go very deep into all areas of how I live my life. I could see how certain actions may be useful but also how they may have allowed me to be stuck in wrong views. Looking at ways to be more creative and balancing with the resources I have is a valuable tool. I have shared the quiz with my partner in order to try to help us to communicate better with each other; hopefully leading us both towards greater feelings of abundance and freeing us to be more generous.