Buddhist Action Month 2016

BAM! Blackburn Buddhist Centre

On Thu, 19 May, 2016 - 17:08
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posted by Vidusi

we have a variety of things going on for BAM this year. Some are Sangha wide some are personal. We are doing the Earth Metta Bhavana, some litter picking in Blackburn town centre, a tidy up of the gardens on our row and an environment quiz kindly given to us( with the answers!) by Croydon. We have some guerilla gardening, planting wild flower seeds in derelict land, and a number of us are going vegan for the month, at least. One Friend is giving what she saved from not having her Cappucinos to charity and I am sure there will be lots of other ideas as we proceed.

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Great program, Blackburn! We have included these on the cross-traditional Facebook page for BAM! 2016, so please use these event formats to promote your events!! (If you would like to make anyone a ‘host’ of these events, just let me know and I’ll set that up.) With metta and virya, Christine (aka Stina Verbena on Facebook)