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BAM 2015 at Cambridge Buddhist Centre

On Wed, 27 May, 2015 - 22:31
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Buddhist Action Month 2015 launched tonight at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre with a screening of the documentary ‘Wisdom to Survive”.

There was a lot of positive energy for the role of community and action at a local level and we are all excited for the fantastic programme of events planned throughout June. In Cambridge we are addressing all 3 BAM themes with events on sustainability such as the Work that Reconnects workshop, Caring for Others with a talk on dementia by Dayasara and Money Awareness with a workshop led by Amalavajra on Money Awakenening. Amongst other things we are also hosting street meditation, mindfulness walks and an EcoDharma Arts Festival to encourage a creative response to tackling challenging issues.

You can download the full programme below.

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Hi- Dayasara here. This Tuesday (June 2nd)  I’ll be at the Cambridge Centre, giving a 15 minute presentation on the “Caring for Others” theme of BAM. Then on Thursday (June 4th) the Ipswich Buddhist Centre launches its own BAM month and we’ll preview a range of events.

 At one end of the spectrum, BAM might help us along the road of getting some Buddhist care-based businesses. At the other, someone might keep a record of money saved through fewer visits to a coffee shop and donate, say, £10 to the Karuna Trust. And there’s plenty of ‘middle ground’ levels of involvement. One of these will be becoming a Dementia Friend through an initiative of the Alzheimer’s Society. I’ve done a day’s training to be a Dementia Friends’ Champion and this means I can offer a ONE HOUR information session after which all attenders become Dementia Friends, with a badge to prove it! The session is suitable for everyone….yes, even if you’ve worked in the field of dementia for years you’ll have more experience to bring to the session. It is based on 5 key messages, is very practical (e.g. how might I suppport a confused person ahead of me in the supermarket queue?) and the learning methods are well-thought out and fun.

   I’m doing sessions at the following Centres- Ipswich (Tuesday June 9th 2.15-3.15pm), Colchester (Saturday June 20th 3-4pm) and Cambridge (Tuesday June 23rd 2.15-3.15pm). And I’ll be booking more sessions well beyond June, and like many intiatives it will resonate long beyond BAM month. Those who do a Friends session and want to go further can do a Dementia Friends’ Champion session (available periodically in towns/cities throughout the country) and offer the one hour information sessions themselves….and Happy BAM-ing to all- With Metta Dayasara