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BAM 2015

On Sun, 31 May, 2015 - 13:34
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Blackburn Triratna Buddhist Centre is taking part by concentrating on linking altruism and the environment by focusing on interconnectedness

We shall listen to Moksini’s talk and discuss that and the next week we shall be concentrating on Metta, sending it our to the world.In the following week we are having a series of talks on “Altruism, Environment and Interconnectedness” by 3 Mitras (Holly, Liz and Richard) who have requested ordination. The following week we shall be having a Metta Celebration, hosted by another Mitra who has requested Ordination, Frank. Bit of a secret there as to what we shall be doing!

We (Liz) are also holding meditation courses for carers in the community, and for staff from our local Forensic Psychiatric hospital- they really need it!

We are continuing to work towards sustainability in the centre.

Some of us , who can, will be Celebrating Earth Day by refraining from using energy sources.

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