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Deepening Confidence in The Three Jewels

On Wed, 26 April, 2023 - 14:53
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As part of the Fifty Years, Fifty Voices project, celebrating 50 years of the Triratna Buddhist Order; In this episode of the Buddhist Voices podcast, we hear from Manjuvajra, a member of the Order for over 45 years, who shares their experience of reassessing their relationship with the order after withdrawing from their previous institutional roles. Manjuvajra notes that the order they joined many years ago was very different from the current manifestation, making it harder to identify with the practicalities of the order.

Reflecting over many decades of practice, Manjuvajra describes an ever-deepening confidence in the existence of the Buddha, which illuminates both the Dharma and Sangha jewels. They also reflect on the development of spiritually supportive friendships that provide intimacy without emotional bondage. Manjuvajra has found a deepening of their connection to the three jewels through long retreats and expresses a desire to create a culture of long retreats within the community, where individuals can develop their own particular strand of practice with the support of a small group.

Overall, this conversation initiated by Dharmacharini Satyalila is honest and intimate, not shying away from the challenges of practising within a spiritual community and the importance of deepening one’s confidence in the teachings.

Manjuvajra: full interview for Buddhist Voices podcast
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