Fifty Years, Fifty Voices

Fifty Years, Fifty Voices Website now live!

On Sun, 26 August, 2018 - 19:18
Satyalila's picture

Just a quick note to announce that the Fifty Years, Fifty Voices website is now live!  It was always our intention to present the voices through a website, not just this, more ’linear’, blog.  Rijupatha has made a great start with the website, presenting all the voices currently available (20/50 so far) in an ‘at a glance’ way, side by side, but also sort-able by the topic areas each person touches on.  It’s a beginning of the vision for the website and you can take a peek - see link above to ‘Our website’ or follow the link here:

In time we’ll not only have all fifty voices up here, but there will be another ‘level of search possible, as we’re hoping to tag the specific tracks and enable a more specific and direct comparison of the different perspectives on particular areas.

In the longer term, we hope that more than 50 voices can be added - so if you’re interested in interviewing someone or being interviewed yourself, head over the website and contact us via the new ‘contact us’ page.

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