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Fifty Years, Fifty Voices: Samasuri (Highlights)

On Wed, 24 August, 2022 - 15:48
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It’s the wounded healer myth. I guess part of me wanting to be Doctor is my psyche trying to sort all that suffering out… Helping others like I’ve been helped or am being helped.

Samasuri’s Annals:

In 1968 I was not born yet!

In 1978 I was 4 years old, so probably at a play group and living in South Devon with my parents.

In 1988 I was 14 years old. Living with parents and younger brother in South Devon still. At private girls’ school in Exeter.

In 1998 I was a medical student in London, a Mitra at the LBC. Friends with Karunamati.

In 2008 I was ordained one year, living in Bristol with Ratnarashi and expecting our first child. Now working as a GP.

In 2018 I’m a mother of two girls. Still working as a GP and living in Bristol with Ratnarashi. I’m also a craniosacral therapist.

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