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Fifty Years, Fifty Voices: Rijumayi (Highlights)

On Wed, 20 July, 2022 - 15:21
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No-one was ‘sugar-coating’ things, or trying to give me priorities I didn’t subscribe to. I think there’s a real framework for transformation in the direction that I was looking for.

Rijumayi’s Annals:

In 1968 I was not yet born.
In 1978 I was not yet born.
In 1988 I was short. Tearing around on a bike, going to primary school, playing sport and generally surviving childhood.
In 1998 I was an eager young women looking for answers to my obnoxious questions and hungry for the truth. I went to an introduction to meditation course, immediately followed by an introduction to Buddhism with Buddhadasa. I argued with him and couldn’t get enough of what was on offer. I was guarded and carried great concerns for the world and was met with kindness and Buddhadasa’s infinite encouragement.
In 2008 I was training for ordination, traveling up to Sydney and to New Zealand for retreats. Also living and working in Melbourne and doing further study at night to improve my employment options. And still short.
In 2018 I am currently teaching meditation in local high schools one day a week. Reflecting more on death and life and as an offshoot telling those dear to me how I feel, taking appropriate risks like being more courageous in communication and enjoying more times of laughter and joy with sangha, friends, family and colleagues. I’m enjoying the material and challenge of co-leading women’s mitra study with the delightful Dantacitta. I also serve on the management committee and help out where I can with courses, retreat etc. I am training for a half marathon because I enjoy the quiet and fresh air of running alone and the greater distance is motivating me to get out there more.

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