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Fifty Years, Fifty Voices: Introduction, Invitation & Kit

On Mon, 23 July, 2018 - 11:35
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Although we now have the first ‘Fifty Voices’ in the can and they’ll be appearing here in due course, they’re just a start in terms of the bigger vision of the project.  The editorial board (Lokeshvara, Nagabodhi and Vidyamala), Candradasa and I are all keen that as many voices of Order Members as possible are recorded while we still can.  One original suggestion for the project included recording the ‘first 50’ OMs - but on balance we decided to go for a much wider spread of voices (in terms of age, geography etc) at this point. 

We’ve no idea how long any of us is going to be around, so it would be great if as many Order Members as feel inspired were able to pitch in and record themselves and their friends.  To this end, I’ve put together this ’Introduction, Invitation & Kit’ which contains all the information someone would need to just get going with recording - questions and technical recording tips included.  It will take time to get together the resources to process such recordings, but if don’t ‘gather them while we may’, some voices will be lost forever.

Danasamudra and I are in conversation about the relationship between Fifty Years, Fifty Voices and the Women’s Oral History Project - with a general agreement that the priority is to record the material whilst we can. I was also pleased to be able to talk with Suryaprabha at Adhisthana recently, and to appreciate his excellent work and our shared passion for documenting the Order.  We agreed there is a continuing conversation to be had there.

So please have a read of the ‘kit’ and think who’ you’d like to interview (or to be interviewed by).  Recordings can be sent to candradasa [at] thebuddhistcentre.com.

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Really enjoying listening to these - big thanks to Satyalila and the team for making it happen. And yes, let’s all get recording!