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50 Years, 50 Voices: Shraddhavajri (Highlights)

On Sat, 21 May, 2022 - 15:57
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I say to ‘Padmasambhava, ‘You don’t have a body—I have a body… Use my body, and I’ll use your energy.

Shraddhavajri’s Annals
In 1988, I was about six or seven years old, living in Modinagar with my parents, three elder sisters and two brothers. I studied and enjoyed life with my family and relatives. My father taught us the Precepts and every Sunday it was compulsory to chant them with my family and other brothers and sisters. My name was Savita. In 1991 I met for the first time Dhammacharis Chandraveer, Padamveer and Abhayaraja, who came to my house.

In 1998 I was studying in 12th class. Dhammachari Amoghabhadra was teaching us karate and takes Dhamma class. I actively participated in retreats and other Dhamma programmes. Dhammachari Amoghbhadra ji, started regular Dhamma classes for children and youth. In 1995, I met with female Order Members (Dh. Vijaya and Dh. Alokshri) and Dhammamitras in Sangha.

In 2008, I was appointed as a lecturer at Government College in Uttar Pradesh. The College is situated in a backwards area. That was a challenging time for me; it was a growth time for me to live the Dhamma life. Every day after my job I gave myself full time to the Sangha to spread the Dhamma in society. From 2001 to 2003, I was in Aurangabad for study and Dhamma Practices. I choose Aurangabad for higher study because there is a Sangha there. That’s where I met to Dhammacharni Gayansuri. She became my kalyāṇa mitra. In Aurangabad I teach karate in a boys’ hostel. From 2003 to 2006 I lived in Pune Community, which was a golden time for me. I came with contact to Dhammacharni Karunamaya, Vajrasuri and others Order members. In 2009 I became an order member.

In 2018 I am living in Mainpuri where I’ve lived since 2008, working and teaching the Dhamma to People. Here, I faced a lot of difficulties in starting Dhamma work. In this area it is not easy for a woman to live single. It is a male-dominated area. There is a lot of crime. Here women have no right to choose which subjects to study in school or college. But I think the area is very suitable for doing Dhamma work. So, I started a very small Buddhist Centre here. I have been working with the National Network of Buddhist Youth for the last ten years. Now I am also working with the Triratana Youth Council,a nd I am a member of the extended team supporting Going for Refuge. I leading youth retreats and Dhamma classes in Utter Pradesh.

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